"With Great Power Comes A Greater Responsibility"

All Credit is Due.
From its creation till its ending, DC VS Marvel Universe will consist of copious amounts of influenced materials taken from MARVEL, DC and other comic book series. And for that, all credit is given to the original artist and creator's of canon characters and concepts. Members of this fanon will give any and all credit when drawing from a different source. Failure to comply will result in numerous warnings, followed by probation. All forms of plagiarism will follow just consequences.
About The Fanon
An atmosphere of creativity and originality. A positive aura bent on establishing a massive universe where we all contribute. Our goal is to establish ourselves as a close knit community whose ideas traverse both time and space and ultimately grow into something much larger than us. DC VS Marvel was started by I, Simbah, because I have nothing better to do.
About The Fanon
A Project I started out of boredom. Feel free to join and help out. Anything and everything is possible really.
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